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Three Irish Folksong Settings (1988)
For voice and flute


First performed June 18, 1988, by Robert White, tenor, and Lisa Hansen, flute; Town Hall, New York, NY


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Duration  10 minutes



Robert White, tenor, and Ransom Wilson, flute RCA (BMG) 60395-2-RG (1990)
Ruth Heley, soprano, and Marnie Kraft, flute Ruth Heley  (2004)


Program note

In 1982, I composed Pied Piper Fantasy for flute and orchestra, a piece with stage action, inspired by the virtuosity of James Galway on the flute and the tin whistle. That was a fairy-tale work, bubbling with the humorous, sometimes sardonic personality of Mr. Galway himself. Six years later, I tried to explore the more poetic side of Irish flute music in these settings of folk or folk-like texts by W.B. Yeats, Padraic Colum and an anonymous author.

                     — John Corigliano

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