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Adagio (from Gazebo Dances, 1972)
Arranged for solo piano by Dolores Fredrickson (1992) x

see also: the original Gazebo Dances for piano four-hands, Overture to the Imaginary Invalid (from Gazebo Dances, 1972) , arranged for band, and arranged for orchestra


First performed January 3, 1993, by James Barbagallo, piano; Herbst Theater; San Francisco, CA


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Duration  4 minutes


Program note

The title, Gazebo Dances, was suggested by the pavilions often seen on village greens in towns throughout the countryside, where public band concerts are given on summer evenings. The delights of that sort of entertainment are portrayed in a set of dances, including this long-lined Adagio. Gazebo Dances was originally written as a set of four-hand piano pieces dedicated to certain of my pianist friends.

                     — John Corigliano

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