January 1, 2002

Now and Then: The New York Bassoon Quartet

Track Listings

1. Suite of Early American Tunes, arr. by Christopher Weait: General Wayne's March
2. Hymn Tune "Work for the Night is Coming" (Weait)
3. Waltz and Dexter's Air (Weait)
4. Lady Bruce's Reel, Minor Hornpipe, Durang's Hornpipe (Weait)
5. Cobbs' Superior (Weait)
6. Capt. Mulligan (Weait)
7. How Like Pellucid Statues, Daddy (Or like a...an engine) by John Corigliano
8. Humerous Scherzo, Op. 12 bis by Sergei Prokofiev
9. Quartettino by William Schuman: Ostinato
10. Quartettino by William Schuman: Ostinato
11. Valse (Schuman)
12. Fughetta (Schuman)
13. Canzonetta by John Harbison
14. Last Tango in Bayreuth by Peter Schickele
15. Sinfonia by Katherine Hoover: Introduction and Funeral March
16. Sinfonia: Allegro Vivace (Hoover)
17. Colloquy and Chorale by Alvin Brehm: Colloquy
18. Chorale (Brehm)
19. Concert Etudes for Four Bassoons by Vaclav Nelhybel: Allegro Vivo
20. Concert Etudes: Allegretto (Nelhybel)
21. Concert Etudes: Canon: Andante Moderato (Nelhybel)
22. Concert Etudes: Allegro (Nelhybel)
23. Contrasts for Four Bassoons by Rudolph Palmer: Moderato
24. Contrasts for Four Bassoons: Allegretto (Palmer)