January 1, 1998

Oregon Repertory Singers: Corigliano, Effinger, Powell

John Corigliano: Fern Hill / L'Invitation au Voyage / Cecil Effinger: Four Pastorales / Four Songs about Birds / Mel Powell: Sweet Lovers Love the Spring / Six Love Songs - Oregon Repertory Singers

Milago Vargas, mezzo sopranoOregon Repertory Singers with harp, piano, and strings; Gilbert Seeley, conductor

Track Listings

1. Fern Hill - Milagro Vargas/Qt: Cantabile
2. Four Pastorales: I. No Mark - Allan Vogel
3. Four Pastorales: II. Noon - Allan Vogel
4. Four Pastorales: III. Basket - Allan Vogel
5. Four Pastorales: IV. Wood - Allan Vogel
6. Sweet Lovers Love The Spring - Qt: Cantabile
7. L'Invitation Au Voyage - Qt: Cantabile
8. Six Love Songs: I. Song - Qt: Cantabile
9. Six Love Songs: II. The Contented Lover - Qt: Cantabile
10. Six Love Songs: III. What Can We Poor Females Do - Qt: Cantabile
11. Six Love Songs: IV. On A Lady Sleeping - Qt: Cantabile
12. Six Love Songs: V. The Bee - Qt: Cantabile
13. Six Love Songs: VI. A Lover I Am - Qt: Cantabile
14. Four Songs About Birds: I. By Seven Senses - Georgeanne Ries/Martha Herby
15. Four Songs About Birds: II. Swallows - Georgeanne Ries/Martha Herby
16. Four Songs About Birds: III. Finches - Georgeanne Ries/Martha Herby
17. our Songs About Birds: IV. And Birds That Flew Away - Georgeanne Ries/Martha Herby