January 1, 1997

Sure on This Shining Night: The Romantic Songs of America

Song to the Witch (from "The Cloisters")

Robert White, tenor; Samuel Sanders, piano

Hyperion CDA66920 (1997)

Track Listings

1. The Children
2. The Year's at the Spring
3. When Stars Are in the Quiet Skies
4. Orpheus with His Lute
5. Rose Marie
6. Ives
7. Song to the Witch of the Cloisters
8. Sure on This Shining Night
9. Sigh No More, Ladies
10. Come Away, Death
11. On Hearing 'The Last Rose of Summer'
12. Echo
13. If I Could Tell You
14. The Collection
15. The Lord's Prayer
16. Nature, the Gentlest Mother
17. The Tiger
18. Never More Will the Wind
19. Little Elegy
20. One Alone
21. Do Not Go, My Love
22. To a Stranger
23. When I Have Sung My Songs
24. These, My Ophelia
25. An Old Song Re-Sung
26. Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life
27. June Night
28. Triolet