Scherzo for Oboe and Percussion




Third movement of the Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra
2-8 players



2-8 players


oboe soloist and percussion: timpani, three percussionists, harp, and piano or celeste


6 minutes

commissioned by


Bert Lucarelli, oboe, with the American Symphony Orchestra, Kakuyashi Akiyama, conductor, Carnegie Hall, New Yok, NY (September 12, 1975)

Program note

The Oboe Concerto is highly theatrical virtuoso solo music for both soloist and orchestra. The Scherzo is a high-velocity polyrhythmic episode for oboe and percussion, with harp and piano. Here oboe multiphonics are set against percussion instruments. The trio, scored for vibraphone, celeste, and harp, is a graceful, pirouetting, china-doll kind of music that evokes 18th century in spite of the non-pitched percussion that whirls about it.

– John Corigliano


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